Singapore Design Week: Brand Identity within a Co-working World


How do you keep, or start building, brand identity within a shared working environment?

The idea that identity is not only reflected in your brand but through your actions as a company. Given this, by actively choosing to work in a co-working environment you are aligning yourself with the qualities of co-working.

These being: Collaboration, approachability, providing a dynamic environment for employees and clients (i.e. an investment in workplace well-being)

  • Define your core principals and actively practise these, your identity can be more than your location.
  • Make use of different spaces offered within a co-working environment i.e. café style meet ups with clients, book meetings and important presentations in the private meeting rooms.
  • Use the space to your advantage and get involved the community i.e. give talks / take part in presentations, talk to your co-workers and see how you might collaborate.
  • How to differentiate yourself from your fellow co-workers.
  • Create and maintain a sense of cohesion within your team.


  • Amy Picanco, Aym Design
  • Fabian Ouwehand, The Co.
  • Marc Wesseling, Ultra Super New

Event sponsored by BottlesXO & Loloku

Tue Mar 7, 2017
6:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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The Co. 99 Duxton Road
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